Workers, You need your modern Communist Party!

This year the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) is 36 years old.

Party members have worked since 1979 to continue, since the Party was formed, to establish itself, consolidate and develop its ideological and political line and standpoint. Through ups and downs, setbacks and zigzags it stands firm and solid on this basis of its achievements. Today it is still making progress with its experience, its collective knowledge and its significant interventions. At this very moment it is walking tall and punching above its weight.

We are poised to turn our successes into victory by expanding the Party’s growth and work to ensure that the aspiration for a different future and the activity to create that future comes about.

These are difficult times for the people under the conditions of Austerity and reactionary Government. Impoverishment, suffering and oppression appear to be the order of the day.
These are times when it would seem that history has turned its back on freedom, on progress, on socialism. If the neo-liberal bourgeoisie and all reaction have their way, we are to believe that socialism is no longer the future of humankind; that the working class is not the gravedigger of capitalism; that it is not the most thoroughly revolutionary class and that it does not need its vanguard party to provide it with the consciousness and organisation it requires to constitute itself the nation and vest sovereignty in the people. The incoherence which the forces of darkest reaction are imposing on society is such that we are to believe that if only we agree to submit to the imperialist dictate, capitalism will overcome its crisis, prosperity will prevail; that the rich can get richer without the poor getting poorer.

But the working class and the masses of the people are in no mood to listen to such fairy tales. The working class is in a mood to take its rightful place. The workers are not only the producers of all the wealth of the society but also those who will decide how to dispose of this wealth. The programme of the working class to sort out the fundamental issue facing society – Who Decides? – will open society’s path to progress.

By taking up the political programme put forward by RCPB(M-L) the working class will develop its own independent leading role and unite the people to form a genuine Workers’ Opposition to the anti-social offensive and in favour of political renewal.
Every attempt is being made to say the working class can make progress without its vanguard party, RCPB(M-L), without modern communism, without consciousness and organisation.

People know this is not the case and are aware that without proper political representation their struggle is limited. Workers are looking for and working towards a new alignment, knowing full well that the Labour Party cannot fulfil the role. For a long time, it has not been up to the task and alternative has been sought. Now the need for that role to be taken by a modern mass Communist Party, which is the Party that has been sought, is the solution. The history and present status of RCPB(M-L) proves that it is that Party.

The most advanced workers join the Communist Party; the need to fulfil recruitment in all working class organisations is the order of the day. It is up to the Communists themselves to strengthen their organisation, build its basic organisation and forge its unity. The Party’s organs, Committees, its line, the principles of Democratic Centralism are all fundamental to its function.

Also key to this question is raising consciousness amongst its members, supporters and activists as well as potential recruits.

The most advanced workers need to join. This is essential that workers come to the Party. To do this obstacles need to be removed that prevent workers getting to know RCPB(M-L) and what it is about. Once workers do this they appreciate the necessity. As they find out about the problems of the Party and participate in the solutions they understand more. To join, workers must work in a basic organisation of the Party or form one. As the party is the sum total of its organisations, workers will see its democracy in action and will see that it is theirs.

The basic obstacle is taking a stand and this is fundamental to consciousness. Taking the decision to join is down to what the individual is thinking and the relationship to the recruiter or existing members of the Party.

The Party members encourage the decision to join, the decision to be made. They select from advanced workers who have shown their capabilities, their prowess, someone that they have engaged with in working within the working class movement. These people who have shared the difficulties and problems, particularly in the Workers’ Opposition, but also elsewhere are the material and potential cadres. The Party members are responsible for them and take their political education into account. They cherish these new comrades and look after them.

The new workers and recruits come forward, take their stand and deal with the issues and obstacles that prevent them coming forward. They have to deal with the force of anti-consciousness and the historical crib that keeps them in stasis.

What is common between trying to find out the truth and evading the truth? For somebody to believe that being-in-a-state-of-change is out there and has no bearing to one’s life is wishful thinking.

The individual is wrapped up in a cocoon of loyalty, the destruction of that cocoon is required, but the self denies itself the will to do so. Alienation from the life’s crib is caused by the Will-to-be. It is a reflection of class struggle going on in our society, the desire to be something else.

I wonder what it would be like to be something else other than what might existence is? What is out there? What place should I be in at this time? Surely life is not just this existence? Is this change in life to becoming or being a Communist so brilliant? Can an ordinary worker be something more?

This spontaneous development of the individual consciousness can be summarised:

1. Consciousness that there is something that gives the individual easy
answers, comfort and warmth – the historical crib.
2. Consciousness that this historical crib, which has been the guardian of being, is now coming into conflict with another force – the will-to-be.
3. Consciousness that the historical crib is going to fail the individual one-day.
4. Consciousness that the final estrangement between the individual and the historical crib is just a matter of time.

This is the dawn of the crisis, the dawn of consciousness. A new life.

Rebelling for a cause is something that can never happen within the historical crib. Consider the activity of seeking the truth. The anti-conscious conception is, of course, that we all seek the truth. But ask a revolutionary (the conscious rebel), and his or her response will be: “I am seeking the overthrow of all the various classes of people who have usurped power by force”.

“I” is material, substance in time and space. It operates with thought but is not a product of thought. It also has a relationship; the thinking brain interacts with the phenomenon of the ego. There is reciprocity between various faculties of the brain, which makes up the human consciousness.

Analysis is a consequence of the relationship between the ego and thought. The ego that sees something, I see something through the window, I go out and acknowledge it and analyse it, this is a reflection of the real world, it absorbs the idea, which is a material reflection in the brain. I see something else; the result is similar, and so on. Continuous absorption is engagement, it reacts to what is seen, active participation, it enhances thought and ego. It is not static but matter in motion. Therefore the quality cannot be defined.

I make life by living it. This is being-in-operation, being-in-state. The operation that has made it operational is consciousness of being-in-state. Where does consciousness reside? It resides somewhere, and that somewhere is “I”.

Operationally, it is the consciousness of being-in-a-state-of-change this is how I see. If this seeing becomes static, then it does not change and develop, it stops! Anything that becomes static becomes anti-consciousness.

Something I receive without questioning stays immobile.

There are two things that are static – individual inertia and social inertia. As long as these two inert states balance each other, the person will remain comfortable.

Questioning is to become operationally a consciousness that is always in a state of change. It has to be an instigator in motion and direction. Questions raise doubts or objections, they look at problems requiring resolution. Debates, arguments and discourse are products of thoughts where opposite viewpoints clash or synthesise to seek truth.
Consciousness of being-in-a-state -of-change has something in it that questions comprehension, destroys it, and reaches a new comprehension and so on ad infinitum. Built-in development is there. Any part of comprehension in its pure state is anti-consciousness. The thing that destroys it is a confrontational ethos. The moment- of, decision.

If it does not remain in action, then it becomes anti-consciousness.

A person in an anti-conscious state can never see what is happening to him or herself.
Understanding does not bring freedom. Liberation does not come with awareness. Only consciousness is liberating. So you go out and jump, you take the plunge, then your action will develop your consciousness. The risk ceases to be a risk, the challenge is accepted, it is no longer a risk and it becomes something else, a new experience and new risks and challenges occur in life but the new condition is accepted and any perceived danger melts away and new problems for solution arise this is what real living is.

To seek truth is to serve the people, I develop myself in such a way that all my actions become one with the aspirations of oppressed and working people. They are the people I serve.

The “I” of self and the “I” of the other become one, and one can relate to one another. This is the basis of collective or social consciousness. It forms with interaction with other Communists. It comes when you join our Party, RCPB(M-L)!

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