The Treacherous Decision-Makers at GKN must be Opposed.

The Rolls-Royce announcement after accepting Government cash and help from the region, disgraces management at the highest level.

Last week the CTi manufacturing technology capability, along with around 40 current employees, will be transferred from the Isle of Wight during 2017 to Bristol.
In January 2012, as reported above, the Government invested millions in the establishment of a new composite pre-production facility on the Isle of Wight.

Last year the Trades Unions worked hard to settle the dispute between Management and Workers.

Threats, to abandon the island and move production to Hungary, looked as though these were rescinded.

But no, despite the huge effort to establish technical support through the college and other initiatives, the management appears to be reneging and are intent on carrying out their nefarious plans.

Last year GKN workers voted overwhelmingly to ballot for industrial action. The company responded by issuing threatening letters saying that new order contracts will go elsewhere and would impose new terms and working conditions without agreement at the East Cowes Plant.

There was considerable anger at GKN management at the time.
Once again the management rolled out their false political economy about new programmes to secure the future of the company on the island peddling their bogus notions about labour costs and “efficiency savings”.

They wanted to extend the working week.

They arbitrarily imposed backward terms and conditions to provoke the workforce.
The 40 employees that are to be moved to Bristol are the thin end of the wedge, more jobs will follow or be lost. The management cannot be trusted.

Many workers with varying skills have worked to build up the company at East Cowes over many years. They have rights over their labour and have earned a stake in the decision making process at the factory.

The Monopoly GKN rights and Rolls-Royce, have to be restricted.

Just because the present management want to suit themselves and the GKN directors it doesn’t necessary figure that it should be so. They do not have the monopoly of wisdom.
The Workers and their unions do not accept being sidelined and should not simply be victims of bad decisions.

Workers have their dignity.

Last year when the order for winglets for the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, the then Tory Minister for Portsmouth Michael Fallon, remarked that, “This significant deal creates and secures hundreds of high skilled, long term engineering jobs….”

The security of jobs talk has turned out to be bogus by the Conservatives.

Marcus Bryson, CEO, GKN Aerospace and Land Systems, commented that it, “…draws on our expertise in the efficient manufacture of complex composite and metallic wing structures and makes full use of our ability to assemble this advanced structure…”
Yes but not here Mr Bryson it seems.

It is not your expertise, it is the workers’. It is not your efficiency – it is ours!
The workers have to fight all over again for their dignity.

There is a necessity to maintain a manufacturing facility and train new, apprentices, young workers on the island with sustainable skills for the future and keep the jobs here.
Negotiations will have to re-open immediately.

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