Come on out of your crib!

If you want your life to have meaning, if you want to be someone then stand up and be counted.

Sitting on the fence, letting others do everything, is not an option some can take. They want to hold conviction and have courage of that conviction.

Come on out of your baby crib and face the world, you came out of your mother’s womb now take another step.You don’t need to hold her hand anymore.

Those that do are not blind. Open up the mind, take a risk, don’t hang on to what is safe,(like your mother’s apron strings). Develop consciousness get some political perspective, rebel a little, turn words into deeds and take action.

Don’t allow yourself to be cocooned. Demand a change in your own condition.

The Workers strain to be free in order to see the light. They want to be something, it is the Will-to-be. It’s a struggle. They want to be something else other than what existence has presented them with. To work, to be exploited to make others rich is not what they want to remain as the be all and end all, as if it is destiny.

Being stoic or skeptical is not enough, it makes you unhappy it has to be more.

The will-to-be drives the workers to want to speak out, become educated, want to organise more and particularly become political.

They have no time for the soft, warm safety of a cocooned lifestyle.

The flunkies and consumer objects and furnishings are an unnecessary distraction most workers want to make do with the practicalities of life against the spoilt indulgencies, the advertising, that wants to entice the weak willed.

The more the individual grapples with the crib the easier it becomes for him or her to destroy it. If one wants to be a decision-maker then decisions have to be taken. Rejection of the crib may be one such decision to take, a pre-requisite for change.

It is about taking a stand and break from a crisis, the desire must be fulfilled. This crisis may be where life is in the balance, what direction to take, whether to look forward or stay back.

The moment of decision releases action. The build up in the contradiction threatens to become a qualitative one. It is the moment of transition and change.

The liberal always acknowledges the cruelties of the safe house but refuses to initiate a battle against it.

We cannot understand ourselves without understanding our whole situation and we cannot divorce ourselves from it.
We cannot evolve and develop unless we continuously question.

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