The Protectors of Mottistone Privilege

Mat Thomas

The starting point of this argument is privilege. It is a question of class. The Seely clan are active representatives and form the minority, active in ‘thwarting’, all on the pretence of traditional landowners and aristocracy, being the only ones who have the God-given right as protectors of the countryside.

But what are they thwarting this time? All on the basis of keeping the environment pure and villages clean. No estates but jobs! Since when have the employers been interested in jobs?

Of course we know that building houses provides jobs.

Yes but ‘no houses out here’ for workers, leave them in town or the traditional built up areas.

The battle has been won for the privileged, Public Right has been trumped, and they have influenced planning at council. Their MP, Andrew Turner is waiting for re-election in order to serve his main constituency, the traditional few, one of the Seely clan is waiting in the wings ready to takeover and perpetuate the rule of the elite.

People need housing and they need it sooner rather than later. Houses have to be built somewhere.

The aristocrats and Conservatives don’t care, they wash their hands of it. A few Brighstone Cowboys want to run ‘em out of town’ ah, well done for now.

But who is thinking about the poor? The welfare cutters or bedroom taxers? I don’t think so.

Who is offering a solution? The out and out rejectors and nimby’s aren’t.

It is not a question of massive estates concreting over the green and pleasant land and overcrowding with undesirables. It isn’t about devaluing luxury homes.

The housing shortage needs a solution. The growing homeless and poorly housed cannot be swept under the carpet forever. They deserve decent housing in decent places.

They have basic human rights too!

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