Thoughts on;

The Doctrine of Being

Hegel’s limitations within the ideal do not help it to escape into the material world. It only forms the essence of his finite universe and absolute. The materialism of Marx settled scores with this philosophy and derived his historical materialism.

It became clearer that history is recorded time and human history operates within space and time.

If anything new understandings about space and time and its materiality would show that the human factor and social consciousness act on time. It would show not only that the objective material conditions are the source of ideas reflected in the human brain but also reciprocate through the subjective factor back into the real world.

Thinking and being, the material nature of thought in the human synapses and passage of electrons in sections of the human brain are becoming understood in biochemistry and neurology.

Thought and ideas are parts of the conscious whole. Thinking, consciousness and collective social consciousness, have their own place in the universe and the nature and reality and materiality of space and time have consequences for abstract notions of “nothingness”.

Marx corrected Hegel, whose thoughts and ideals, were outside the materialism provided by scientific discovery of the time. The inner kernel of Hegel’s dialectic could be rescued and developed. Today with modern definitions we are able to further this work.

Hegel said;

“The unity, whose moments, being and nothing, are inseparable, is at the same time different from them and is thus a third to them; this third in its own most characteristic form is becoming.”

“Transition is the same as becoming except that in the former one tends to think of the two terms, from one of which transition is made to the other, as at rest, apart from each other, the transition taking place between them.” [Logic: Doctrine of being]

Regarding being the two terms cannot maintain or subsist on their own, they only will with becoming, the third term.

Parmenides held fast to being and was most consistent in affirming at the same time that nothing absolutely is not; only being is.

Taken entirely on its own, being is indeterminate, and has therefore no relation to another. In this ancient understanding it seems that from this beginning no further progress can be made.

Becoming is the pervading synthesis of being and nothing.

Synthesis suggests bringing together of mutually external things already there.
How does the ego become structured? What brings determinateness into indeterminateness?

An emptiness of mind, a vacuum of thought, pure unwritten space would suggest an inactive mind; Attempts made in various Yogic states; A state of mind that no warm blooded animal species attains. Yet in the evolution of brain where is this null thinking achieved? What happens at the microorganism, no brain stage or existence of current lower forms of life?

The abstraction is called space, pure intuiting, or pure thinking; this dull, empty consciousness, the barrier between the unconscious and conscious mind, is the threshold of the relationship of thinking and being.

Hegel explains the movement in consciousness;

“Consciousness is filled with determinate sensation, conception, desire and so on; it does not exist separated from some particular content. The empirical transition, moreover, is self-evident; consciousness can of course make empty space, empty time, and even empty consciousness itself or pure being, its object and content, but it does not stop at that; it goes beyond it or rather presses forward out of such a vacuity to a better content, that is, to a content which in some way or other is more concrete…” (ibid)

“Consciousness by making abstraction can, of course, fill itself with such indeterminates also and the abstractions thus held fast are the thoughts of pure space, pure time, pure consciousness, or pure being. It is the thought of pure space, etc. — that is, pure space, etc., in its own self — that is to be demonstrated as null: that it is as such already its own opposite, that its opposite has already penetrated into it, that it is already by itself the accomplished coming-forth-from-itself, a determinateness”.

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