Youth Theatre for Peace:

Jugendtheater für den Frieden — Youth theatre for peace

We are Ubiquity Theatre (, a Leipzig based company. We started our work in Birmingham in 2002 and came over to Leipzig in 2005. As a group of actors and theatre practitioners from Germany and Great Britain we put on performances and produce workshops for children, teenagers and adults. We also work in schools, businesses and other institutions.

This project concerns our youth theatre group ‘Ubi Youth’. The 15 young actors are aged between 9 and 18 years and produce theatre performances in both German and English.

2015 is the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World World War, in which millions of innocent people were killed or severely injured.

One infamous example of this reasonless mass murder was during the massacre of 500 men, women and children in a town called Sant’ Anna di Stazzema in western Italy. After the end of the war, the town became a symbol for forgiveness and peace in Europe. It is in this town that the major part of the project will take place.

Quelle: Hans Peter Schaefer

We have the fantastic opportunity to work with similar aged youngsters from five European countries, towards an important theatre and arts project. It is planned that a survivor from the massacre (Enrico Pieri) and the nephew of the Nazi SS’s leader (Matthias Schendel) will meet this summer in Sant’Anna di Stazzema. The pair wish to symbolically lay closure and promote peace and forgiveness 70 years after the end of the war. They also wish to remind us how foolish it would be to forget the past, when looking to stabilise our future.

The current wave of hate-filled demonstrations on Europe’s streets against people of different cultural and religious backgrounds is evidence enough of the dangers of not looking back in order to move forward. We seem to be on the verge of making the same mistakes that occurred at the start of Nazism in Germany and across Europe.

We want to exchange opinions and ideas with youngsters from around Europe to support a peaceful foundation for our futures. Our aim being to draw from the past in order to create something new – a platform for positive communication, friendship and a peaceful Europe.

Young actors from Italy, England, Lithuania and Germany will take pieces of theatre to Italy and England, and work together to create a new piece of theatre. The work will be shown to large audiences in major theatres in both cities.

If enough young people are able to take part in projects like these, our generation WILL be able to change the world.


We need your support to be able to take advantage of this opportunity! YOU could help us raise the needed amount of €2000 – €5500. Here is a list of what a small or large donation could help us achieve:

€2000+ would mean we could travel to and from Italy and any extra costs would come from the pockets of the participants’ families.

€3000+ would cover the travel to Italy and make sure all extra costs were covered for ALL participants, no matter what financial situation their respective families are in.

€4000+ would mean that we could take part in the whole project by travelling to England as well as Italy to work with the groups and perform.

€5500+ would mean that our course leaders could cover some of the personal costs of not being able to work for the duration of the project.

Any amount above €5500 would be put towards us playing host to a planned visit to Leipzig by the English and Italian groups in 2016.


Please have a look at the list to the right of your screen to see what we can offer you in return as an individual or business.

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