Gurit  (Newport, Isle of Wight) refuse to officially comment on job losses

Gurit - Building:

(adapted from onthewight report)

The company refuse point blank to confirm whether there have been up to 100 job losses this morning on the Isle of Wight.

Multi-national engineering company, Gurit, have this morning (Wednesday) refused to officially comment on whether there is to be 100 job losses at their plant on the Isle of Wight.Thet will not discuss their plans or say whether they intend to up-sticks and cease operations on the Isle of Wight.
This morning a call to the Newport office was met with a blank refusal to confirm or deny what has been leaked either on the telephone or by email. Instead OnTheWight has been invited along to a meeting with Gurit tomorrow (Thursday).
If the rumours are true, our thoughts are with all those who will now be looking for work elsewhere.


-by Mat Thomas

Gurit is a multinational monopoly capitalist company that wants to unashamedly utilise monopoly property right to trump the right of workers to a job.

They simply want to up-sticks, like Vestas did, and move abroad where labour is cheaper and there is a pool of ready made skills.

In doing so they are assisted by the EU with its clause within the Lisbon Treaty that allows for free movement of capital. It disregards national economies and goes to where it can make maximum profit.

Gurit sat quietly when Vestas did the same trick.It was its next door neighbour and key supplier when it was in production.

It is one of the suppliers of composites on an island that has invested to create an area of excellence in the field.

GKN is involved, the Council and the previous leader has been working hard in these difficult times of Austerity to establish inward investment.

Even the L.E.P has involved itself and Area Assisted Status has been established and supports Small and Medium Enterprises connected with composites, including a college and an engineering school attached to the Isle of Wight College.

Gurit, in its intentions to move production facility, whatever the level, is flying in the face of the people of the Isle of Wight’s good intentions.

Is this company abandoning the island and its workforce after all of this?

Do they intend to keep their options open like Vestas has done when it left and returned for who knows how long?

Or are they keeping their options open and maintaining a stake in the island?

The workers, who have remained outside of union organisation, for whatever pressures or reasons, are the first victims.

The island that has seen take more out of our economy than Gurit has put in will be the second victim.

What restrictions have been put upon Monopoly Right to prevent such a catastrophe?

What are the politicians, in election year doing about it, what is the media prepared to say?

The workers with their skills are having their dignity thrown in their face. They are not being told about company plans that were leaked out months ago.

They have added value to the product for ages. They have made Gurit wealthy but now they do not want workers on the Isle of Wight to benefit. They don’t appreciate or care about the spending power being moved away to somewhere else.

They see labour as a “cost” instead of a wealth creator and see it as their good fortune that there is labour ready to be exploited in Eastern Europe or wherever it suits them.

What are the election candidates proposing to do?

Is Andrew Turner going to do what he did before when Vestas decided to move, is it going to be nothing again?

What will Ed Miliband and his Labour candidate say this time round? Remember when the Vestas workers, who occupied the factory, stood up and called for the then Labour Government to nationalise it, Miliband said, in his position as environment Minister, that he would not get involved in commercial decisions. Is this going to be the same bleat as before? This is a far cry from predecessor labour politicians and others who once would have not stood idly by under such a threat.

The workers at Gurit supported by islanders and ex-Vestas workers should not accept it as a foregone conclusion.

Workers should not have to think about scratching around the island for low paid work or have to move off the island to find jobs.
Decent jobs that do not exist despite what Cameron says about more being in work.

Any action by workers would be a huge embarrassment to politicians at this time.

Talks should be entered into immediately between Gurit and the Council and the MP. The unions, who have tried hard to gain funding and have been left out of the equation should be asked to participate.

The company should come clean and offer transparency for the first time.

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