What kind of Growth?

Capitalist growth usually means growth in consumer products but it also contains production of the means of production such as factories and machinery. Parasitical growth these days is usually in the realm of finance capital.

Gross Domestic Product, Gross National Product and Gross Value Added are indicators of growth but it is the Gross Social Product that measures the value of benefit to society. Unfortunately it is the claim on the social product and by what class that matters. This is probably why we should stop paying the rich and invest in social programmes. Some of the claims on value added to wealth produced by the wealth creators, the workers, are workers wages, monopoly capitalist profits and the Government.

It is from this standpoint too that differentiates Green Capitalism from Green Socialism.

Growth in the environmentally friendly product along with the associated technology to produce it is a pro-human and pro-social emphasis of production. The Trades Unions have long tried to protect the workers through Health and Safety, better working conditions and use of non-toxic materials. Green Socialism, as part of its mission, has to develop the protection of the working environment.

Green Capitalism only produces for profit and produces on the back of a market for the product. It only concedes under pressure to improve the production, the selection of raw materials and emissions to the environment. The main interest is profit motivated through the competition within the market.

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