Utilising the Election Campaign to the Advantage of the Electorate:


It is over three months before the General Election on May 7. But already there is intense speculation on the balance of forces in the new Parliament, and the “100 days” to the election rocket has gone up. Meanwhile the people’s forces are gearing up to stand candidates and overall to use the election campaign to their advantage.

There is a broad desire to make sure that there is no repeat of the Conservative/Lib Dem Coalition, and to ensure that the austerity agenda is defeated. In the wake of the Greece election results, this sentiment has only grown. There is the sense that this austerity agenda can in fact be defeated, and that anti-social, anti-worker and xenophobic programmes and legislation can be opposed and a new path opened up for the electorate.

At the same time, the ruling elite and the monopoly-controlled media are working to ensure that the people’s forces are divided, so that an outcome favourable to the people is averted. This is also reflected in the people’s movements, with divisions being created as to whether to be pro- or anti- the Labour Party, for example. Other forces declare that only by voting for them can policies be put in place which will change the direction of society.

What has to be recognised is the context of the battle between what is favourable to the people and society as a whole, and the drive of private monopoly interests to consolidate their control of the state so as to further utilise it to dominate in the global market. What is developing in this election campaign is the intervention of parties and organisations other than the Westminster cartel parties, which have been earning the contempt of the people.

It is a number of years now since the affirmative cry that “there is an alternative!” gained widespread popularity in the workers’ movement. People are fighting on the basis that there is and must be an alternative to the austerity agenda. So not only does the electorate enter the campaign on the basis that the austerity agenda must be defeated, but that they must support and elect candidates who are putting forward that there is an alternative to austerity, who have the courage the break from the old prejudices encapsulated in the programme to offload fraudulent austerity onto the people and to privatise public services on the grounds that such capitalist competition is supposed to benefit the people.

Underlying this movement to oppose the austerity agenda is the sentiment that people must have control of their lives and this is being denied to them. In particular, the electorate must demand that candidates should stand for the rights of human beings – their right to health care, their right to education, all at the highest standard society has to offer, their right to organise, their right to participate in decision-making and political affairs. Above all, the electorate wants candidates who come from the ranks of the workers’ and people’s movements, who take their stand on the basis that solutions must be found to society’s problems which favour the people not the rich and the ruling elite.

There is a sentiment for change which is gripping the electorate. Now is the time to seize the initiative!

RCPB(ML) gives the call to the communist, workers’ and people’s movements to go all out to work to reject the Coalition parties who have demonstrated their colours in government, to defeat the austerity programme these parties advocate, and instead to elect candidates who oppose austerity and stand for the rights of all!

– See more at: http://www.rcpbml.org.uk/wwie-15/ww15-02.htm#sthash.KhxlQQ7h.dpuf

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