Ventnor Town Council Open Salisbury Gardens:

A great Community resource for the Community and local small business start-ups. Progressive local Councillors go their own way in making their own decisions these days.

At a time of uncertainty and with Austerity all around, it is incredible what these people have achieved. When the initiative is taken and without interference from above it shows what successes can be made. People of Ventnor should be proud of their Council and what it has achieved in these difficult times. Credit where credit is due.

Local community based Councillors in Ventnor, of all political persuasions, put behind them political differences on behalf of their constituents. They are united and work wholeheartedly for the community they serve. It is for the first time that a council in Ventnor works together in favour of its people. It has shown how effective its strategy and tactics are and that it has more plans up its sleeve.

Journalist Mathew Mckew of the County Press has summed up the Salisbury Gardens opening:


Praise for council clerk for Salisbury Gardens success

By Matthew Mckew

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Praise for council clerk for Salisbury Gardens success

At the Salisbury Gardens open day are, from left, PC Neil Payne, Florence Barrett, Ken Knapman, Steve Stubbings, Leigh Geddes in front of him, Nicky Cox, Stewart Blackmore, Tony Marvin and mayor Cllr Jason Mack. Picture by Peter Boam.

AROUND 100 people visited the newly refurbished Salisbury Gardens building, in Ventnor, at an open day.

Isle of Wight and town councillor Steve Stubbings explained the difficulties the town council had experienced during the project.

He said the Isle of Wight Council had first refused to lease the former coastal visitors’ centre to the town council.

Cllr Stubbings also praised town clerk, David Bartlett, for pushing the project forward.

The town council now has a long lease and has spent around £250,000 on the refurbishment.

Ventnor mayor, Cllr Jason Mack, thanked everyone for coming to the event and praised Cllr Jim Toogood for overseeing the project.

After the official opening, magician Huxley staged a show for younger visitors.


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