Opposition to Capital-Centred Political Economy

Human-Centred Political Economy

The book, The Production and Reproduction of Value and Its Realization by K.C. Adams will be published soon. It elaborates human-centred economic theory as an alternative to capital-centred economic theory by presenting the modern terms, expressions and approach used by the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist). The book is an important contribution to the work to change the direction of the economy and usher in the new. For instance, to wage the ideological struggle against the neo-liberal defeatist world outlook when analyzing economic developments or writing economic articles, it is of utmost importance to oppose imperialist and capital-centred theory and its terms and expressions.

Capital-centred political economy hypothesizes instruments of production such as buildings and machines as fixed capital, and material wholly consumed in the production process as circulating capital. This hypothesis is necessary to distort the social consciousness of the working class and middle strata. The hypothesis places means of production as capital to instil in the brains of workers and intellectuals the notion that capital is the driving and necessary force in the creation of modern means of production and the production of all goods and services. Without capital no modern production would occur is the story workers are told endlessly.

This hypothesis is a fraud. Means of production are the product of the work-time of those human beings who make them. Capital is a social relation that enslaves the actual producers, the working class, to owners of capital. The working class in the social relation is the actual producer of goods and services including means of production but does not own or control what it produces.

Means of production of pre-capitalist economic formations were the products of the actual producers of those systems back to communal and pre-class times. Capital was not necessary at those times to produce means of production and is not needed in contemporary times, which is the time of the working class.

Owners of capital were only necessary as a social force to move society out of feudal petty scattered production and introduce the generalized use of science and technology to production. Once the move was complete their existence as a social class became unnecessary. The time when they became obsolete has long passed. The working class is the social force now necessary to complete the transition from petty scattered production to industrial mass integrated production on a global scale governed with new relations of production in harmony with the socialized economy.

The terminology based on capital was necessary to explain the new political economy of capital in contrast to pre-capitalist economic formations, in particular feudal relations of production. This theory was developed to meet the requirements of the working class in its nascent form. As the working class matured and became capable as a social force to move society to socialism past the transitional economic formation of capitalism, it became necessary to develop a new human-centred political economy.

Imperialist propaganda now often refers to fixed capital as costs. This degeneration reflects the wrecking, retrogression, parasitism, decay and war that have become constant features of the imperialist economy. Imperialist theory reflects the degeneration in the economic base and the imperialist politics, which is fighting to retain the transitional form of capitalism against its necessary transformation to the new.

The working class is now charged with the responsibility to develop its theory consistent with the need of the working class to assume its central and leading political, economic and social position in society. In the economic terms that have been developed to date, which are referred to as human-centred political economy, means of production are not fixed capital and certainly not fixed costs but fixed transferred-value.

The use of capital-centred or imperialist terms serves to block the adoption of the terms, expressions and theory of human-centred political economy. It is a form of promoting anti-consciousness. The working class movement cannot afford to cling to capital-centred and imperialist theory, terms and expressions. Rather, it must participate in developing new theory suitable for the twenty-first century and a mature working class, a social class ready and poised to lead the world forward to socialism, the emancipation of the working class, and the elimination of social classes and class society.

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