Isle of Wight Green Party Candidate for the General Election;

Greens announce general election candidate

By Emily Pearce CP

Greens announce general election candidate

Isle of Wight Green Party candidate Vix Lowthion.

THE Isle of Wight Green Party has announced its candidate for the forthcoming general election.

Geography lecturer and mum-of-three Vix Lowthion said the Green Party would unlock a new future for Islanders.

“The Green Party reflects a changing mood in the UK. Like the public, we believe that profit has no place in our NHS; that we should renationalise our rail; and ferries and we must strive for energy security through investment in a renewable technology industry,” she said.

“As the Green MP for the Isle of Wight I would also vote for a referendum on our membership of our EU – it is our democratic right.

“I strongly believe the Greens provide the only real alternative to the unsuccessful traditions of the other parties, and I am eager to be joining with our committed group of local activists in what will be an exciting campaign in 2015.

“So many of the Island’s strengths are Green: green businesses, green tourism, green industries — green spaces. To elect a Green MP is the greatest signal to the rest of the UK and beyond that this is our statement: we believe in sustainability, in social equality, in investing for the future and in working for the Common Good,” she added.

Vix, 38, has lived on the Island for ten years. She is an avid walker and Solent swimmer.

She will take on sitting Conservative MP Andrew Turner, Labour candidate Stewart Blackmore and UKIP’s Iain McKie. The Lib Dems have yet to announce a candidate.


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