Condemn the Isle of Wight NHS Trust’s Decision to Privatise!

The Capitalist oriented Isle of Wight NHS Trust has entered a 50:50 joint venture partnership with a private sector partner. It has done this because it failed miserably in getting the Government to allow it to become a Foundation Trust.

First non-Foundation Trust signs Strategic Estates Partnership

As before the IW NHS CEO has tried to sell it on the basis of supporting “high quality clinical services” something that did not wash with the Foundation Trust overlords nor the Public who don’t buy it. They want to make sure that the entire estate is available to Private Capital and is ready for cherry picking.

The Trust is hyperactive in signing what is called a first in the country and describes it even as “ground-breaking”. The partnership agreement with Ryhurst is to deliver a new strategy, a wide-ranging estates strategy all in the name of providing ‘excellence’. The NHS is already the best in the world according to most people, this strategy will not improve it as no privatisation policy ever does. It will lead to more chaos and the opposite of integration as Doctors will struggle to identify services as has started to happen now.

Devastatingly the Trust who released the OJEU in January has now legally formed the ‘Wight Life Partnership LLP’, with approval and backing from the NHS Trust Development Authority signifying the start of the 15 year agreement with an option to extend for a further five years.

Karen Baker, Isle of Wight NHS Trust chief executive, said:

“As an organisation that is committed to innovative ways of working, we are excited to work with Ryhurst to make sure we can reinvest for the future. Working with partners across health and social care, in order to provide excellent patient care, it is important to have up-to-date, state-of-the-art facilities”.

Sure we want state of the art investment, but you can bet your bottom dollar that they won’t do it. Investment in the NHS and ownership should remain totally public and should be guaranteed to the maximum, more or less as it has always done.

Baker has already stated that with their clinical strategy more care will be provided in local communities and patient homes with specialised services centralised on the St. Mary’s Hospital site. So the running down of hospital services is the order of the day.

Stephen Collinson, Managing Director of Ryhurst said:

“In an ever-changing healthcare environment, our innovative partnership model continues to bring real value to deliver long-term, strategic benefits for NHS estates. We are delighted to be working with Isle of Wight NHS Trust, marking the start of a journey that will draw on both our capabilities to add real value to the Trust’s estate for the benefit of staff and patients.”

You couldn’t be clearer in stating your business intentions Mr Collinson we know what this journey and set of arrangements mean and we note your obvious desire as a capitalist to make your profit by adding value to the product out of the employed labour.

They intend to audit by carrying out a comprehensive review of the estate through Wight Life Partnership, across all Isle of Wight NHS Trust sites, ensuring that buildings and grounds are suitable. Improving asset efficiency will mean flogging off what is not wanted and, as they say, it will also mean identifying ‘commercial opportunities’ as it passes into private hands from the public sector.

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