Isle of Wight Fixed Link:

Fixed Link Survey To Be Launched

The fixed link debate is set to be resurrected.

Two residents are to launch a survey, aimed at gathering the views of Island people about a fixed link to the mainland.

Kevin Price and Carl Feeney met Island MP Andrew Turner on Monday and claim he has given the backing for an Isle of Wight referendum on the issue, if most people are in favour.

Kevin wrote to the Department for Transport, which responded by indicating there was £6 billion of government money available for schemes such as a fixed link.

Discussions have also been had with an engineer about building it.

Carl, who favours a link on the east of the Island, aid:

“I think there is a lot of frustrating with the ferry companies at the moment, in particular Wightlink but it would be unfair to single it out because price structures and timetables are quite restricting generally.

“The Are Wightlink The Right Link Facebook group has given people the forum for to air their points of view, which they haven’t necessarily had before.

“We know many people don’t want to debate a fixed link because they’re totally against it.

“But we’ve found when it’s discussed, those people have become engrossed in it and start to listen to the arguments for a link.

“It seems people are changing their minds.”

Kevin said:

“We have taken it upon ourselves to have a look at this.

“We had a meeting with Andrew Turner on Monday and he said he would support a debate on the fixed link, and if the majority of people indicated they were in favour, he would back a referendum.

“We’re trying to ensure all the pros and cons on a fixed link are identified before we launch the survey because we want people to have a fair vote.”

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One Response to Isle of Wight Fixed Link:

  1. john watson says:

    A fixed link is both highly desirable and inevitable.

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