It’s Our Economy! Build the Workers’ Opposition!


The demonstration of the determination and anger today at the low wage economy is a sign of things to come.

Our fight is to enforce our claim on the wealth we produce as working people. This is a claim for what is ours by right.

The rich are increasing their claim on the social wealth at our expense. We must organise to turn this situation around.

We must have the power to decide, not them! This is our fight, which is a fight to affirm the dignity of labour, a fight to defend the rights of all, a fight to uphold the interests of society and our place within that society as working people.

The dignity of labour requires the recognition of the rights of the working people in words and in deeds.

Our actions underline our demand for a new direction for the economy. To make this demand effective, we must build the Workers’ Opposition; we must organise to claim the wealth which is ours by right. We must base ourselves on our own human-centred independent thinking and agenda to oppose and defeat the austerity agenda; we must organise with our sights set on a society with new relations of production!

Whose Economy? Our Economy!
Build the Workers’ Opposition!

Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) : :
170 Wandsworth Road, London SW8 2LA Phone: 020 7627 0599

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