A Comment on the ferry companies response to Andrew Turner

There are two aspects to the economic argument:

1) The law of value
2) The law of proportional balance of the economy.

The first is predominantly about profit, the second is pro-social.

Do you run a service for profit? – Not always.

A discussion about infrastructure and integrated transport has hybridised economy as its compromise because it “recognises” the public element. This is the idea of the “Task Force”.

The Trades Unions have raised the issue of a publicly run ferry service.

The issues surrounding infrastructure and integration can affect the entire island economy but that alone does not solve the problem of ordinary people who need to travel at low cost and regular service.

The issues of infrastructure and integration can also be lopsidedly argued as one of adding value, sharing profit amongst businesses. This is capital centred economics.

Balancing the economy is not about favouring private companies alone it is also about creating jobs and increasing employment prospects.

The ferries have to be looked at from the standpoint of who they serve and not narrow business interests, whether it is all business or the ferry companies themselves.

There is an argument for reducing costs to ordinary people with small wage packets, pensioners, people on benefits and students. The cost to the community is the most important factor in all of this.

Therefore there is a class basis for all arguments of this kind.This is why the law of proportional balanced economy is overlooked by big business and Conservatives. To be proportional requires looking at people’s needs and balancing means that some enterprises need to support pro-social programmes.

Both laws are scientific and are known, they cannot be one-sided or ignored because they operate whether we like it or not. If balancing doesn’t take place, growth is obscured and crisis continues and escalates.The ferry companies cannot be allowed to operate willy-nilly outside of Public say so.

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