Evo Morales wins Bolivian presidential elections

LA PAZ.— Bolivia’s first indigenous President, Evo Morales, has made history again after securing an overwhelming victory in the country’s presidential elections held October 12, which will enable his government to continue with the processes of change initiated in 2005, through 2020.

Evo Morales wins Bolivian presidential elections

Morales addressed supporters congregated outside the governmental place in La Paz, confirming his victory with more than 60% of the vote.

The majority of pre-election polls predicted Morales´ reelection with more than 60% voter support and a strong advantage over his closest rival, right wing candidate, Samuel Doria Medina, who barley obtained 25 % voter intention.

More than six million Bolivians living in the country and in 70 cities across the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe, voted in the elections.

Voting which passed without major incident, with only a few small isolated actions reported, was described by Dennis Racicot, UN Human Rights High Commission representative, as a “democratic celebration,” according to PL. The Union of South American Nations also reported no irregularities and its satisfaction with the voting process.

Despite the fact that the Supreme Electoral Court has 15 days to announce the definitive results, spokesperson Ramiro Paredes, stated that the government intends to have the final outcome ready in no more than 48 hours.

Bolivians also voted for 36 senators and 130 members of parliament.

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