Support NHS Strike on the Isle of Wight.

The real mask has slipped from the true nature of Karen Baker and the Trust. Any illusions that “Foundation trust” status would be better and would “Save” St Mary’s has to be looked at. They have tried hard to sell it to NHS workers, their unions and the Public.

The letter* from Karen Baker to employees is an exposure of whose interests they serve. It is not us but their narrow interests. It shows the real relations between employee and management and what we can expect as the island NHS slips down the slope of privatisation.

The letter is anti-union and strike breaking, calling on workers to “re-consider” their actions, in other words, “don’t strike!”.

They have tried to undermine the action by operating “contingency plans” so that the workers’ voices are diminished in effectiveness.By calling it a national dispute they want to relay to workers that their action is futile and nothing to do with people locally. This attempt will hold no water with striking NHS staff and midwives.The anti-union – anti-worker threat against emblems of union action by stipulating “dress code” is an affront to workers democratic rights to express their case.

The Chief Executive Officer has related the intention of taking away pay and is typical of any Private employer and is only to be expected.

The Trust has no answer as to how the voices of the NHS workers are to be heard or do they offer any solutions. It is for this reason workers have struck work in protest. what else could they do?

The NHS has to be fully funded, returned to the Public sector and the staff need to be paid properly with decent conditions if the NHS is to function as we expect it to.

*Letter from Trust CEO

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