Power station workers go on strike

Dirty protest: Power station workers go on strike because toilets are ‘not fit for pigs’

Strikes: Ferrybridge Power Station

Workers at a power station have gone on on strike over filthy toilets which are not fit for “pigs”.

Hundreds downed tools because 650 construction workers have been sharing just eight toilets.

They claim employees even have to bring their own toilet paper to work on the £300million site.

Problems erupted at a multi-fuel energy plant being built next to Ferrybridge Power Station in West Yorkshire on Tuesday.

About a dozen officers from West Yorkshire Police arrived at the site, as 300 workers gathered to protest over the lack of toilets, cleanliness and shortage of toilet paper and soap.

But later they agreed to return to work – with the promise of more facilities and a permanent cleaners.

One worker, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “The dispute is about toilet facilities and the lack of them.

“There is no hot water, no soap, no paper towels, no toilet roll at weekends. They don’t clean them, they don’t provide any staff to service them at weekends.

“They aren’t serviced during the week very well, only once a day. It’s a disgrace, you wouldn’t let pigs use them like that.

“There has been a dispute about it for about two weeks but nothing has been done about it. Yesterday workers pulled off-site and today they are at the gate.”

Another worker said: “Somebody is going to get a disease.

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