Home Secretary May’s Speech a Fascist Offensive and a Major Reactionary Move.

Teresa May gave a Conservative conference speech yesterday that could be likened to Hitler. It was a speech that wants to declare war on the working class and the Trades Unions, the Communist Party or anyone that has “extremist” views or for that matter any oppositional view that does not fit in with theirs and their “values”.

This is a proposal to bring in a new fascist arrangement for the state. It also represents the last resort in the moribund stage of neo-liberalism in Britain.

It changes the whole character of the 2015 General election. It reveals and exposes the smokescreen of ISIL in terms of widening and generalising the war and resurrects the notion of dealing with the “enemy within”.

The delivery of the speech itself is an initiative by the Tory Right before the passing of new law and empowering the police actually happens. The speech itself is an opening shot.

It needs to be condemned and the plot needs to be organised against.

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