Teachers and the October strike struggle:

Wrecking of Public Education Is the Wrecking of the possibilities for a Modern Nation-State in Britain.

The Con/Dem Labour pact for privatisation through Academies and Free Schools are dismantling our Public education system based upon Local Education authorities. Neo-liberal Government has incessantly attacked public education since the inception of the neo-liberal agenda in 1981. Public education is a necessity and a right in a modern state. The disinvestment in public education has led to well documented deterioration of the working conditions of teachers and the learning conditions of students.It is the difference between the Capital centred approach to education and the human centred approach.

To their great credit, the teachers organised into the Teachers’ unions have been in the forefront of resistance to this wrecking of public education and hence the nation.

They have waged strikes and other struggles in defence of their rights and public education. They have used their collective funds to challenge the Government policies set by Gove and the present head of education, Nicky Morgan.They want to deny denying teachers to fight for better pay and conditions and isolate bargaining across the Academies for auxillary staff.

The wrecking of public education is a sign of the decay and rot that has set in with the coming to power of neo-liberalism. Public education is one of the founding elements of the modern nation. The value teachers and other education workers create is embedded within their students and transferred when they work into the service or good they produce. Education value raises the standard of living of all within society. To attack and depress this value and allow companies to refuse to realise (pay for) it creates a dangerous situation of more intense and longer economic crises and a general collapse of the living and working conditions of the people.

The Government has taken a position that the economy can continue without increased investments in public education and without recognising the rights of teachers to wages commensurate with their work and to a say and control over their working conditions and learning conditions of their students. The retrogressive political stand of the Government stems in part from neo-liberal globalisation and the desire of the rich to protect and entrench monopoly right and class privilege.

Public money is being diverted from social programmes because of the “Austerity foisted onto the backs of the people.Subsidies and other pay-the-rich schemes serving the global monopolies and banks has become the main motive for investment. They refuse to ensure that the education value embedded in publicly-educated workers must be realised by those companies that employ them.

Together with the Government, they are pursuing the theft of educated workers from other countries without realising the education value contained within those workers. They promote private education for those sections of the people that can afford to pay leaving, society bereft of the broad high level of education and culture necessary for a modern nation to function.

The nation-state exists only in name for neo-liberals whose practical politics effectively wreck the nation, such as the wrecking of manufacturing and public education in favour of monopoly right and global imperialist predatory wars and theft.

If allowed to continue, the future under neo-liberal rule will mean the continuing destruction of the factors for a modern nation-state and its foundation including public education, and greater attacks on the rights of all. It will lead to solidified class privilege, endless wars to protect and expand Anglo-U.S. imperialism and a refusal to renew democracy to empower the people thus concentrating power in the hands of a ruling executive unaccountable to the people.

The struggle of public educators and the impending struggles this October, is a major front in the resistance to neo-liberal wrecking of the factors for a successful modern nation state state and absorption into the EU and U.S. imperialism. To defend themselves and the future of their children the working people and all others who have a stake in the country must do all they can to ensure the neo-liberal government loses the fight against teachers and public education.

The Teachers’ Fight Can Be Won! It Must Be Won for the Sake of All!
All Out to Defeat the Government Attack on Teachers
and the Wrecking of Public Education and the factors for a modern Nation-State!

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