by Mat Thomas

History has shown that classes struggle, some classes triumph, others are eliminated. It is an illusion to think that life is just peace and tranquility and that struggle doesn’t exist. There cannot be satisfaction without struggle because life without struggle is not living at all but mundane existence.

How can struggle be dismissed? It is dismissed as irrelevant by the powers that be to maintain their power. To say the struggle is only for the existence of the lowest form of life is an enslaving lie preached to the ears of a slave. To exist is to serve and only by serving the master is to exist and the basest form of existence at that. For slaves to think is to struggle and should not be entertained.

Even the ancient Greeks understood the significance of thoughts and conversation through the medium of language and dialogue, discourse and debate. They appreciated how contradictions could be resolved through struggle in logical argument. They understood the persuasiveness of rhetoric with all of its inherent play on contradiction.

How can human beings resolve contradiction without meeting and discussing in the struggle to gain collective knowledge? How can the wishes and desires as well as decision making come together without common knowledge and common thought? How can there be the follow up of collective action without meeting and discussing?

Class struggle is dependent on the condition of consciousness and consciousness is also dependent on engagement in class struggle.

All attempts by capitalism to pacify us and bamboozle us with placating words; to soft soap, will not work. Keeping the lid on class struggle only causes the lid to blow off with great force at a later date.

Struggle is cleansing, refreshing and fulfilling giving life to life.

The struggle of a child in the womb, to leave it and be born, and the struggle of the mother to give birth, is testimony to nature and its natural struggle. As force is the midwife of history those who maintain reactionary power do so by force. It is the resolving and synthesis of the dialectical contradiction through the struggle of opposites.

In class society, everyone lives as a member of a particular class, and every kind of thinking, without exception, is stamped with the brand of a class.

The Workers wage the struggle for higher wages as part of their class struggle against capitalism.

National and ethnic minorities and ordinary people wage their struggle against racism.

The national issue of the people of Scotland is a matter of struggle as is the struggle of the regions for their local rights.

The people of Palestine wage their struggle against Israeli Zionism for a homeland.

The Cubans wage their struggle against the U.S. blockade.

The world’s people wage their struggle to protect the environment.

The world’s people wage their struggle for peace and democracy as opposed to fascism and imperialist war.

Everything reactionary is the same; if you do not struggle against it, to change the situation or turn it around it will not fall.

As the reactionaries are now sharpening their swords, with their rhetoric, their arbitrariness, their decision making, we must sharpen ours too. We must struggle for the Alternative, to become decision makers, for organisation and for empowerment.

People are talking about freedom. Freedom is the appreciation of necessity. If the necessity becomes necessity for change then it follows that the necessity must be understood. Only actively engaging in struggle can freedom and necessity be fully understood.

Some say that the easy life of none struggle is preferable, this is impossible. It is not even desirable. Some say that keeping one’s head down or below the parapet is the best way. This is presented as being risk free, in all issues of health and safety it is known that this is also not possible. Every venture, every breakthrough every achievement or gain can only come about with struggle.

Courage and conviction, taking a stand, standing and being counted, are the only things that command respect. Political opinion and whistle blowing are discouraged by the holders of power and the advocates of ignorance. They are bound to respond with punitive action.

It is bad, as far as we are concerned, if a person or a political party is not attacked by the status quo for what they say or do. Every scientific breakthrough and theoreticians like Darwin have been attacked and castigated at first. Galileo was forced to struggle prove his theories on the earth not being the centre of the solar system.

To struggle for progress, for a principle or bona fide idea, means never to give in.

The class struggle between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie and the class struggle in the ideological field will continue to be long and tortuous and at times will even become very acute. The proletariat seeks to transform the world according to its own world outlook, and so does the bourgeoisie.

The dominance of the working class as opposed to the moribund rule of the capitalist has still to be resolved, but the outcome of the class struggle will eventually lead to it.

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