What should a properly Constituted Workers’ Opposition do?

There are two aspects to the Workers’ Opposition; first there is the objective reality of the working class in motion, as a movement for resistance, waging class struggle against the capitalist offensive. It operates as a force to develop the workers’ offensive and change the situation from revolutionary ebb into revolutionary flow. It is generally a reality and operates due to its level of consciousness through protest, demonstration and various actions like particularised or general strike action. By doing so this in turn reflects back on workers’ consciousness and the level of activity becoming even more revolutionary as it goes on. Eventually the workers can take complete control of power under the right circumstances.

Second there is the subjective factor, which becomes more of a material force for change. If the workers develop the subjective factor it tends to reflect back upon the objective and speed up the process of change because consciousness is its goal. The conscious side of the Workers’ Opposition becomes more material because organisation is the expression of consciousness. It becomes the motivator and deciding factor in placing the full force of the entire workers’ organisations behind working class collective consciousness. In this way advanced organised workers’ thinking becomes the motive force for change in a real way.

So what should a properly constituted Workers’ Opposition really do? The first thing it should do is set itself up. Workers in the forefront of the streams that make up the generalised flow of the actual resistance should constitute themselves as an organised minority within the general organised movement. The most conscious and revolutionary workers must do this.

Having decided to do this the next step is to constitute themselves with an alternative outlook to the capitalist outlook, a complete alternative to the neo-liberal agenda and politically aware on the basis of its own experience as working class. It has to be in the forefront of asserting political and economic alternatives.

The Workers’ Opposition must operate within the existing established organisations like Trades Unions, Trades Councils and Shop Stewards’ Committees because it is not only part of them but raises general consciousness to develop and promote the best political leaders.

To develop the Constituted Workers’ Opposition it must be properly constituted once set up. It has to be an organisation of a new type. Why is this? The reason is it has to be principled and not pragmatic. Pragmatism is all over the place, it takes on single threads because they appear to work but overall individual particular threads and streams of consciousness diverge. Pragmatism is an anachronistic way of thinking. Principled and all sided thinking is democratic and is not one sided. Decision making discusses the facts of the situation, analyses them and then sums up with a principled decision. Pragmatic individualistic and egotistic thinking is therefore the opposite of principled democratic and collective agreement because pragmatism tries out whimsical ideas and quick fix solutions often leading astray or up the garden path.

Once decisions are made there has to be collective agreement to carry them out. This is essential to weld together the class outlook and unity. This embodiment in a properly constituted Workers’ Opposition becomes an entity and example for the rest of the traditionally organised working class. Decision making and discussion over issues are related to each other. Decision making and the application of decisions requires a discipline. Taking principled stands and holding fast to positions requires a steadfast approach.

Alternative principles are opposed to capitalist notions of privatisation, bogus austerity, efficiency and competitiveness, anti-social schemes, paying the rich, war. The Alternative principles for the economy are; “More into the economy than is taken out” and “Stop paying the rich and increase funding for social programmes”.

The most effective solidarity slogan of the working class and for the working class has always been, “An injury to one is an injury to all” linking all the separate strands into one and opposing capitalist divide and rule.

In the Health Service the notion of “efficiency” has been used to throw a hand grenade into the NHS and take it down the path of destruction and selling it off to the private sector. This is the opposite of safeguarding its future. Efficiency and productivity was used to destroy the manufacturing base of the economy and the coal industry in the eighties. The same has been used to set back the progress of education putting the blame on “inefficiencies” and “standards” in opposition to investment in the public sector schools system and preferring privatisation at all costs.

The Workers’ Opposition must contain within it and part of it the mass working class party. It is therefore essential that it trains the most reliable and most politically aware workers. These workers maintain the most developed proletarian consciousness. The mass working class party in essence is a Mass Communist Party that is Revolutionary and Marxist-Leninist because this is the most scientific and tested working class ideology. Modern Marxism-Leninism works on its theory and develops modern definitions within the concrete conditions and complexities of today.The Revolutionary Marxist- Leninist mass Communist Party in Britain (RCPBML) is the most conscious in terms of theory and has the proven best practice. It therefore is the most effective general staff of the working class that develops the strategy and tactics to achieve the workers’ goal.

The Constituted Workers’ Opposition in the final analysis becomes a mechanism. It is a mechanism for change, for empowerment and constituting the workers as the nation. It therefore will not only look after today’s resistance but tomorrow’s governance. It is the only solution to changing the political and economic direction of the country. There is no other effective organisation for change.

Old notions of politicians in parliament, middle class movements and campaigns along with groupings of pragmatists, institutions of worn out “Representative Democracy” and limited protestations etc. All fail. Only the Working Class with its outlook and organisation can be seen as effective and as a powerful force with the potential and capability to completely turn the situation around.

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